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There is a large gap between massive amounts of information going back and forth in supply chains and the evidence actually used in financial decisions related to customers and suppliers – supply chain finance, distribution finance, factoring, credit insurance, securitizations, ABL, purchase order financing, leasing/utility-based financing and other financing tools.

Our mission is to help suppliers, buyers and financiers extract maximum value from the vast and largely untapped supply chain data, including ERP, CRM, procurement integration, credit files, e-mails etc. We build highly customized intelligent engines designed to assist in informed decision making on credit, risk, and pricing in near real-time and return the highest possible value over both the short and long term. We use the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) to address the privacy and data governance issues in supply chains, to support limited information exchange among the intelligent engines deployed within many participants of the same supply chain without divulging their internal data, and also to create audit trails for all parties.

TenzorAI products are fine-tuned to the individual needs of a broad spectrum of corporate users and across the entire supply chain finance ecosystem, including buyers, financiers, and suppliers.

Our tools operate by continually learning a self-improving model of our clients’ business to generate decision recommendations that account for multiple, and often hidden, risk factors. Additionally, they help decision makers better understand complex factors and causal relationships unique to their business. Read more.

We are a highly skilled team with subject matter expertise in banking, insurance, supply chain finance, data science, machine learning, business analysis, software engineering, product management, and related academic research. Our cumulative experience comes from large corporations, academia and various consulting engagements. Read more.

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